Saarkie is based in Pretoria, South Africa. This Girl band has a rock and roll contemporary feel to their music. They perform in English and Afrikaans across the world.  

Saarkie has received numerous nominations at both the South African Music Awards and the Ghoema Music Awards. In 2018 they won the Ghoema for Best Rock Album.  

Saarkie is a three-piece girl band;  

Adèle Fouché - Lead Singer, Lead Guitar, and Harmonica  

Lila Botha - Drummer and Backing Vocals  

Mjön van Blommestein - Bass Guitarist, Backing Vocals, Harmonica and Ukulele  

They're an independent band who writes and composes their own music. They released their 4th Album "Queen van die Toorbos" in 2018 and after their International tour, they released their two new singles 'Gatvol" and 'Nuwe Jaar" in 2020. 

Be sure to catch Saarkie at one of their shows.